Introducing our new pricing and package plan

Feb. 16, 2016


We have Great News! A new pricing model, based on many feedbacks from our clients and partners, that makes ARK Light Therapy even more affordable for the vast majority of our clients.

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Our location is at:

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ARK SUNRAYS pledges its support around the world during their time of crisis thru UNICEF. and MSF(Doctors Whithout Borders).

§ The ARK Light Therapy §

"Ark Light Therapy" is a proven and trusted natural remedies which has been practiced and thoroughly researched in Japan  for 80 years.  


The "Ark Light Therapy Unit" applies more than 100,000 of wavelength of Full Spectrum Light, such as ultraviolet ray, visible ray and Infrared rays contained in sunlight, to the affected areas. 


This treatment strengthens your immune system and enhance the natural healing power that all life forms possess. It will promote healing and prevent many type of diseases, with absolutely no side effects.


*UV light is divided into three categories by its wavelength which is UVA, UVB, UVC.

ARK Light has removed UVB, UVC wave which said adversely affect human (such as skin cancer).



§ Why Use Light? §

Sunbeam (continuous full-spectrum ray) are the light source of all life on earth including us humans. 

In recent years, in concern of harmful ultraviolet rays (such as UVB, C) caused by ozone-layer depletion, ARK Light Therapy equipment has been developed to remove such harmful rays, so it can be used safely for everyones health and beauty purpose.


Currently one out of every four people is likely to die of cancer, and soon that number will be one out of every three. The reasons for this are increases in carcinogenic substances and decreased immunity related to lifestyle and poor health habits. From the perspective of ARK Light Therapy, the decline in immunity truly is caused by insufficient light exposure. There is no doubt that light offers excellent benefits as a primary defense against cancer. In the case of treatment for advanced cancer, the benefits of light are even greater, although most people combine it with other forms of therapy.


Even for healthy people there are benefits in terms of improved appetite and improved complexion. Its analgesic and other medical benefits have helped relieve patients' pain.

Increased immune system potency inhibits the growth and development of, and may even aid in the destruction of, cancer tissue.

ARK Light Therapy also offers benefits as a form of heat therapy.

In addition, since toxins often have poor heat tolerance, light helps to detoxify these toxins/carcinogens.

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Japan Phototherapy Association (Japanese)
Japan Phototherapy Association (Japanese)